ZD-915 Desoldering Station

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ZD-915 Desoldering Station

ZD-915 Desoldering Station Iron Gun  230V 130W 

Soldering station ZD-PR-915. High-quality device for soldering / desoldering electronic components from the circuit without the risk of damaging them.



- Gun grip with desoldering function allows quick and easy removal of residual tin-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards

- Built-in sensor allows smooth adjustment of temperature and keeps it constant level at the end of the cave

- A short warm-up time and high power allows convenient work during the soldering operation

- Compact design, easy operation

- Interchangeable tip soldering

- LCD (display data: set temperature, actual temperature)



Soldering station:

- Voltage: 220 ~ 240V AC

- Power consumption: 80W

- Vacuum: 600mm HG


Heater desoldering:

- Voltage: 24V AC

- Power consumption: 80-130W

- Temperature: 160 ° C ~ 480 ° C

- Heating element: Ceramic inset