ZD-912 Soldering Station

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ZD-912 Soldering Station

The PR-ZD-912 soldering station is a high-performance, multi-function soldering / desoldering device for electronic components. Enables surface mounting of integrated circuits without the risk of damage to print or components.

- Interesting look, simple service
- Rapid increase in temperature
- Hot air temperature range: 160C-480C
- Adjustable hot air flow in the range of: 3L-24L
- Variety of available nozzles of different diameters for comfortable soldering / desoldering
- Thermostat function and digital temperature control
- Wide range of applications in the field of electronics production, service repairs, soldering / desoldering electronic components, etc.
- The built-in sensor allows you to maintain a fixed setpoint temperature at the tip of the soldering iron tip
- Two LCDs display preset and current temperature (display in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit)


Soldering station:
- Power supply: 220 ~ 240V AC
- Power Consumption: 60W + 320W
- Fuse: 3,15A
- Air pump: diaphragm

Soldering iron with tip:
- Power: 24V AC
- Power: 60-130W
- Heating element: ceramic insert

Soldering iron for hot air:
- Voltage: 220 ~ 240V AC
- Capacity: 24L
- Power: 320W
- Temperature: 160C ~ 480C