USB Mini Portable Powered Soldering Iron Pen/Tip 8W

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USB Mini Portable Powered Soldering Iron Pen/Tip 8W

Doss ZD-20U Professional Mini Portable USB 5V 8W Powered Soldering Iron Pen/Tip

Soldering USB 8W ZD20U.
Soldering powered from the USB port, designed for precision work in electronics soldering small SMD components. Soldering has one power when connected to a USB port operates at 8 and is able to within 15 seconds of warm caves to the melting point of tin.
Handy and comfortable soldering, lets not constrained to work both experienced electronic engineers as well as amateurs. Soldering iron has a very thin shafts of 0.5 mm, which allows soldering of very small electronic components tupu SMD and THT. Soldering iron is made from high quality materials with incredible precision, which guarantees the safety and comfort of the user. Soldering has a cover on heating the flask to safely store and discontinued devices.
Soldering works with the power of 8 W and is powered by 5V which makes it possible to supply it with any USB port with an output current minimum 1.6 A. (I = 8 W / 5 V = 1.6 A)

Set contains:
-Lutownicą Irons ZD-20U
-USB cable
-Podstawkę For placing a hot soldering iron
-Osłonę On the soldering tip
-1 G binder (tin)

Technical data

The supply voltage of 5 V
Power 8
Power consumption Approx. 1.6 A
Warm-up time Approx. 15 s
Cooling time Approx. 30 s
Tip temperature to 380 degrees