Long Selfie stick 190 - 800mm - High quality Support Android , Bluetooth.

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Long Selfie stick 190 - 800mm -  High quality Support Android , Bluetooth.

Stylish Selfie stick black with blue trim. It has a solid handle, so probably hold it in your hand. Great for taking photos in good company and to preserve the wonderful memories of a different trip!


Product features:

- High quality

- Easy to adjust the length of the boom

- A convenient button in the handle

- Compatible with all phone models

- Very small pack size

- Adjustable angle phone

- System support Android 3.0 and iOS 4.0 or later


Technical Specifications:

- Length: 190-800mm

- Spacing grip on the phone: 55-90mm

- Capacity handle: 500g

- Handle: Rubber black with blue trim and button

- Handle length: 150mm

- How to trigger the camera shutter: the button in the handle

- How to connect to the camera's shutter: Bluetooth

- Number of segments 7 with a diameter of 10-16mm

- Power supply: battery 60mA

- Charging voltage: 5V

- Charging time: 1 hour

- Continuous operation time: 20h

- Standby time Standby: 3 days

- Weight: 127g

- Packaging: a box with a hanger 240 (265) x80x40mm