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GOLD series is characterized by the excellent craftsmanship of wires, their production uses high quality materials , in the last stage of the manufacturing process used gilding HDMI connectors .

HDMI allows you to connect together any , in accordance with the standard audio / video devices such as DVD players , Blu - ray players, game consoles, computers , monitors, and digital televisions . The video data is transmitted using the TMDS technology .

The most important feature developed in the years 2000-2002, the HDMI interface is that it allows the connection between the audio / video via a single cable , while maintaining the highest quality of the transmitted image and sound quality and full functionality of the equipment used , which also significantly simplifies cabling home a set of audio / video . This is a great simplification as compared with those used hitherto connections , which require a wide range of various cables. The technology is characterized by high video and audio quality and the ability to transfer an image in very high resolution.

Channel Adapter HDMI with Ethernet (HEC )
Specifications HDMI 1.4 HDMI protocol joined the new data channel , which enables rapid two-way communication . Devices with this functionality can send and receive data through the Ethernet network speed of 100 Mb / sec. Under the new functionality it is possible to use the applications that use IP devices. Just that one home theater device was connected to a home router , and all the other equipped with network functions (BD Live 2.0 , access to YouTube , access to Internet radio stations , etc ) are able to connect to the internet to take full advantage of its capabilities using the HDMI connector . In this way eliminates the need for additional equipment to connect a network cable . At the same time it is possible to exchange data between devices connected to each other.

- Cable length: 1.0 m