Ferguson RCU 650

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Ferguson RCU650


RCU650 universal remote control is a 5-in-1 designed for easy access to televisions, receivers, amplifiers, DVD BD and DVD players, CD players, recorders, different receivers STB (satellite, cable, terrestrial, IPTV), and other popular devices manufacturers. Remote control can operate the basic functions of these devices.


The remote control can be programmed in different ways or use the learning from the original remote control.
Stb button is preprogrammed with the receiver Ferguson Ariva (cannot be changed).
Device buttons (TV, amp, bd aux) can be set service selected devices. You can program any code or use the learning function.


Suitable for all stocked Ferguson Ariva models:


Ariva 52E
Ariva 102E
Ariva 202E
Ariva 150 Combo
Ariva 152 Combo
Ariva 250 Combo
Ariva 252 Combo
and other compatible models.